Spotted Quail-thrush (Cinclasoma punctatum)

Saw this male Spotted Quail-thrush near Crows Nest, but was surprised after trying to get a decent ‘still’ photo when he flew up onto the branch in front of me. Unfortunately I didn’t have a tripod handy so used the nearby ironbark tree as a support.

Spotted Quail-thrush



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5 responses to “Spotted Quail-thrush (Cinclasoma punctatum)”

  1. Ken Bissett Avatar
    Ken Bissett

    Nice video Tom, I think that the ironbark did it’s job. Jill and I are going to have to start looking for these, some near us in Brisbane’s west somewhere too. Always good to have a sound recording so we know what to listen for.

    1. aviceda Avatar

      Thanks Ken

  2. Tim Siggs Avatar
    Tim Siggs

    That’s really cool mate.

    1. aviceda Avatar

      Would be happy to show you the place if you fancy a look one weekend, Tim

  3. Tim Siggs Avatar
    Tim Siggs

    Hi Tom, I have only just seen this reply. I’d definitely be up for that mate.

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