Birdsville birding trip, August 2019

Male Cinnamon Quail-thrush (Cinclosoma cinnamomeum)

From mid to late-August 2019 four of us travelled to Birdsville as we had been told that conditions were very favourable, rains earlier in the year had passed through the region on it’s way to Lake Eyre. We visited Quilpie, Windorah, Birdsville, Koonchera (SA), Bowra Sanctuary and Bollon.

These are images and clips of some of the species seen.

One of several Cinnamon Quail-thrush seen in the Birdsville area in late August 2019

Australian Pratincoles east of Birdsville
Spinifex Pigeon (Geophaps plumifera)
Pelicans and cormorants group-fishing at Birdsville
Cockatiels at dawn
Bourke’s Parrots at Coopers Creek
Cinnamon Quail-thrush
Australian Bustard (Ardeotis australis)
Juvenile Pallid Cuckoo with ‘host’ parents calling (Rufous Songlarks)
Australian Bustard (Ardeotis australis)






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  1. Brian Coates Avatar
    Brian Coates

    Great photos and videos Tom. Brings back some memorable moments.

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