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  • Brown Falcon too near to their nest

    Brown Falcon too near to their nest

    Around mid-November 2023 I heard a ‘commotion’ from my barn, and noticed an adult Brown Falcon (Falco berigora) perched at the apex of a large Hoop Pine to the south. It was being ‘relentlessly’ attacked by a pair of Australian Magpies (Gymnorhina tibicen) who obviously had a nest nearby. Fortunately I had a camera and…

  • Buttonquail trailcam footage.

    Buttonquail trailcam footage.

    Whilst bird-walking locally this year (2023) I noticed an increase in the amount of buttonquail ‘platelets’ in the vine-forest scrub near the banks of the North Pine River. ‘Platelets’ are created by various species of Turnicidae when they spin around and kick the leaf-litter exposing the bare-earth whilst searching for invertebrates and seeds on the…

  • Tawny Grassbird (Cincloramphus timoriensis)

    Tawny Grassbird (Cincloramphus timoriensis)

    Singing for Christmas at the ‘Barn’, near Dayboro, SE Qld This one was taken two years earlier at ‘The Crossing’, Draper, SE Qld in March 2020

  • Albert’s Lyrebird (Menura alberti) July 1996

    Albert’s Lyrebird (Menura alberti) July 1996

    Old analogue-video, ‘re-furbished’ in December 2022

  • Oriental Pratincoles in SE Queensland

    Oriental Pratincoles in SE Queensland

    In December 2022 I was fortunate to be invited to participate in a bird-count at the Seven-mile Lagoon at Lockyer Waters on the Yuggara – Ugarapul ancestral land. Fortunately this coincided with reports of several Oriental Pratincole (Glareola maldivarum) and I was given permission to obtain footage/photos. I had previously seen the same species on…

  • Cotton Pygmy-Geese

    Cotton Pygmy-Geese

    Recently I visited Wappa Dam near Yandina in SE QLD with Linda to try and get some images and video of Cotton Pygmy-goose, we ‘struggled’ with light on the first morning, spending nearly 3 hours trying to get reasonable sunshine on the birds, however were much more successful the next day….we returned later in the…

  • Black-fronted Dotterel

    Black-fronted Dotterel

    Have been getting some interesting video of this species Elseyornis melanops close to my residence near Rush Creek (Dayboro, SE Qld) This clip was taken hand-held (….without a tripod) hope it’s not too ‘jumpy’. Spring is in the air…..

  • Golden-headed Cisticola

    Golden-headed Cisticola

    Nice find on my dawn-walk this morning, a Golden-headed Cisticola (Cisticola exilis) singing on the side of Strong Rd.

  • Singing Chirruping Wedgebill

    Singing Chirruping Wedgebill

    Two Chirruping Wedgebills (Psophodes cristatus) were observed singing near the Noccundra Hotel, SWQ Queensland in early-May 2021 whilst I searched in vain for Grey Grasswren (Amytornis barbatus). Unfortunately this clip was filmed without a tripod but hope it’s not too ‘shaky’.

  • Shining Bronze-Cuckoo

    Shining Bronze-Cuckoo

    Recently there has been plenty of Shining Bronze-Cuckoo (Chrysococcyx lucidus) action around my Barn, including quite a few of the ‘nominate’ New Zealand race ‘lucidus’. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to get any video-clips of them at this stage (late-March 2021) but with the new Qld COVID ‘lock-down’….it might just happen!