South-East Queensland birding-sites

Hillview Court Reserve


View of Pine River from Hillview Court Reserve
View of Pine River from Hillview Court Reserve


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This area is a real ‘treasure’ and little-visited by the public, drive past the Crown Hotel and school in Dayboro then turn left off McKenzie St by the cemetery into Riverview Court, take the second road to the left into Hillview Court and park at the cul-de-sac. The track to the reserve has a barrier between two large rocks and is usually accessible only on foot, it is a gentle-climb from the entrance to the ‘hill’….but the return is somewhat steeper, so bring plenty of ‘stamina’.

The area has been extensively re-planted with suitable local rainforest trees and there is an interesting grassy swamp in the centre, I’ve heard Lewin’s Rail, Pale-vented Bush-hen and Spotless Crake calling-strongly here but have (typically) seen none yet! (…to date)

There is a rough-track circuiting the park, which is used by horse-riders, unfortunately this is sometimes difficult to cross in places after heavy rain but usually you can wander close to the eastern bank of the North Pine River. Currently this ‘heavily-wooded’ area has a lot of ‘introduced-pest’ plants (such as cobblers-pegs, and exotic-vines) but is home to a few difficult species such as White-eared and Spectacled Monarch, Emerald and Rose-crowned Fruit-dove and occasionally Barred Cuckoo-shrike. Pale-vented Bush-hen can be heard calling in summer (I even saw one briefly in 2016)

Since my return from Melbourne in July 2016 I have personally recorded 139 species here and Ebird lists (as a birding ‘hotspot’) 144 .


    • Black Swan Cygnus atratus
    • Australian Wood Duck Chenonetta jubata
    • Pacific Black Duck Anas superciliosa


    • Australian Brushturkey Alectura lathami

Grouse, Quail, and Allies

    • Brown Quail Synoicus ypsilophorus

Cormorants and Anhingas

    • Little Pied Cormorant Microcarbo melanoleucos
    • Great Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo
    • Little Black Cormorant Phalacrocorax sulcirostris
    • Australasian Darter Anhinga novaehollandiae


    • Australian Pelican Pelecanus conspicillatus

Herons, Ibis, and Allies

    • White-necked Heron
    • Great Egret
    • White-faced Heron Egretta novaehollandiae
    • Little Egret Egretta garzetta
    • Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis
    • Australian White Ibis Threskiornis moluccus
    • Straw-necked Ibis Threskiornis spinicollis
    • Royal Spoonbill

Vultures, Hawks, and Allies

    • Osprey Pandion haliaetus
    • Pacific Baza Aviceda subcristata
    • Little Eagle Hieraaetus morphnoides
    • Wedge-tailed Eagle Aquila audax
    • Grey Goshawk Accipiter novaehollandiae
    • Brown Goshawk Accipiter fasciatus
    • Collared Sparrowhawk Accipiter cirrocephalus
    • Whistling Kite Haliastur sphenurus
    • White-bellied Sea-Eagle Haliaeetus leucogaster

Rails, Gallinules, and Allies

    • Lewin’s Rail Lewinia pectoralis
    • Pale-vented Bush-hen Amaurornis moluccana
    • Spotless Crake Zapornia tabuensis
    • Australasian Swamphen Porphyrio melanotus
    • Dusky Moorhen Gallinula tenebrosa


    • Bush Stone-curlew Burhinus grallarius
    • Masked Lapwing Vanellus miles
    • Black-fronted Dotterel

Pigeons and Doves

    • White-headed Pigeon Columba leucomela
    • Spotted Dove Streptopelia chinensis
    • Brown Cuckoo-Dove (Australian) Macropygia phasianella
    • Pacific Emerald Dove Chalcophaps longirostris
    • Common Bronzewing Phaps chalcoptera
    • Crested Pigeon Ocyphaps lophotes
    • Wonga Pigeon Leucosarcia melanoleuca
    • Peaceful Dove Geopelia placida
    • Bar-shouldered Dove Geopelia humeralis
    • Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove Ptilinopus regina
    • Topknot Pigeon Lopholaimus antarcticus


    • Pheasant Coucal Centropus phasianinus
    • Pacific Koel Eudynamys orientalis
    • Channel-billed Cuckoo Scythrops novaehollandiae
    • Horsfield’s Bronze-Cuckoo Chrysococcyx basalis
    • Shining Bronze-Cuckoo Chrysococcyx lucidus
    • Fan-tailed Cuckoo Cacomantis flabelliformis
    • Brush Cuckoo Cacomantis variolosus


    • Southern Boobook Ninox novaeseelandiae


    • White-throated Needletail Hirundapus caudacutus


    • Azure Kingfisher Ceyx azureus
    • Laughing Kookaburra Dacelo novaeguineae
    • Forest Kingfisher Todiramphus macleayii
    • Sacred Kingfisher Todiramphus sanctus

Bee-eaters, Rollers, and Allies

    • Rainbow Bee-eater Merops ornatus
    • Dollarbird Eurystomus orientalis

Falcons and Caracaras

    • Brown Falcon Falco berigora
    • Australian Hobby
    • Peregrine Falcon


    • Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo Calyptorhynchus funereus
    • Galah Eolophus roseicapilla
    • Little Corella Cacatua sanguinea
    • Sulphur-crested Cockatoo Cacatua galerita

Parrots, Parakeets, and Allies

    • Australian King-Parrot Alisterus scapularis
    • Pale-headed Rosella Platycercus adscitus
    • Little Lorikeet Glossopsitta pusilla
    • Rainbow Lorikeet Trichoglossus haematodus
    • Scaly-breasted Lorikeet Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus

Australian Treecreepers

    • White-throated Treecreeper Cormobates leucophaea


    • Variegated Fairywren Malurus lamberti
    • Superb Fairywren Malurus cyaneus
    • Red-backed Fairywren Malurus melanocephalus


    • Lewin’s Honeyeater Meliphaga lewinii
    • Yellow-faced Honeyeater Caligavis chrysops
    • Bell Miner Manorina melanophrys
    • Noisy Miner Manorina melanocephala
    • Little Wattlebird Anthochaera chrysoptera
    • Scarlet Honeyeater Myzomela sanguinolenta
    • Brown Honeyeater Lichmera indistincta
    • Blue-faced Honeyeater Entomyzon cyanotis
    • White-throated Honeyeater Melithreptus albogularis
    • White-naped Honeyeater Melithreptus lunatus
    • Striped Honeyeater Plectorhyncha lanceolata
    • Little Friarbird Philemon citreogularis
    • Noisy Friarbird Philemon corniculatus


    • Spotted Pardalote Pardalotus punctatus
    • Striated Pardalote Pardalotus striatus

Thornbills and Allies

    • White-browed Scrubwren Sericornis frontalis
    • Large-billed Scrubwren Sericornis magnirostra
    • Brown Thornbill Acanthiza pusilla
    • White-throated Gerygone Gerygone olivacea

Whipbirds and Wedgebills

    • Eastern Whipbird Psophodes olivaceus


    • White-breasted Woodswallow
    • Dusky Woodswallow

Bellmagpies and Allies

    • Grey Butcherbird Cracticus torquatus
    • Pied Butcherbird Cracticus nigrogularis
    • Australian Magpie Gymnorhina tibicen
    • Pied Currawong Strepera graculina


    • Barred Cuckooshrike Coracina lineata
    • Black-faced Cuckooshrike Coracina novaehollandiae
    • White-bellied Cuckooshrike Coracina papuensis
    • White-winged Triller Lalage tricolor
    • Varied Triller Lalage leucomela
    • Common Cicadabird Edolisoma tenuirostre


    • Varied Sittella Daphoenositta chrysoptera

Whistlers and Allies

    • Little Shrikethrush Colluricincla megarhyncha
    • Grey Shrikethrush Colluricincla harmonica
    • Golden Whistler Pachycephala pectoralis
    • Rufous Whistler Pachycephala rufiventris

Old World Orioles

    • Olive-backed Oriole Oriolus sagittatus
    • Australasian Figbird Sphecotheres vieilloti


    • Spangled Drongo Dicrurus bracteatus


    • Willie Wagtail Rhipidura leucophrys
    • Rufous Fantail Rhipidura rufifrons
    • Grey Fantail Rhipidura albiscapa

Monarch Flycatchers

    • White-eared Monarch Carterornis leucotis
    • Black-faced Monarch Monarcha melanopsis
    • Spectacled Monarch Symposiachrus trivirgatus
    • Magpie-lark Grallina cyanoleuca
    • Leaden Flycatcher Myiagra rubecula

Jays, Magpies, Crows, and Ravens

    • Torresian Crow Corvus orru

Australasian Robins

    • Jacky Winter Microeca fascinans
    • Red-capped Robin
    • Rose Robin Petroica rosea
    • Eastern Yellow Robin Eopsaltria australis

Martins and Swallows

    • Welcome Swallow Hirundo neoxena
    • Fairy Martin


    • Australian Reed Warbler

Grassbirds and Allies

        • Little Grassbird Megalurus gramineus
        • Tawny Grassbird Megalurus timoriensis

Cisticolas and Allies

        • Golden-headed Cisticola Cisticola exilis

White-eyes, Yuhinas, and Allies

        • Silvereye Zosterops lateralis


        • Mistletoebird Dicaeum hirundinaceum


    • Red-browed Finch Neochmia temporalis
    • Double-barred Finch Taeniopygia bichenovii
    • Chestnut-breasted Mannikin Lonchura castaneothorax