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  • ‘Isolation-birding’

    Have been ‘self-isolation birding’ early-mornings (…and very-locally) but am ‘surprised‘ at the quality of the media that I’ve been able to capture before the ‘sound of civilisation‘ begins every week-day recently.

  • How many species?

    Recorded some ‘bird-audio’ today and captured a 30-second clip of a Leaden Flycatcher, however I can also hear at least 9 other species….can you name them all (…or hear any more?)

  • Happy Babblers!

    This grey-crowned babbler was ‘foraging’ with 5 friends, within a metre of the front door this morning, why do they always seem to be ‘enjoying’ life so much?

  • Check before mowing

    Saved a Tawny Grassbird family from ‘disaster’ today, the paddock was going to be ‘slashed’ to remove the rampant ‘cobblers-pegs’ weed (Bidens pilosa) ….that which he is ‘perched’ on!

  • Soon to be heading ‘north-bound’ waders

    Soon to be heading ‘north-bound’ waders

    In early-March I received the opportunity to assist in a count of wading-birds at high-tide at Manly Marina in South-east Queensland. The birds will soon be heading northwards to their ‘breeding-grounds’ in Siberia and north-east Asia and many are starting to moult into their ‘breeding-plumage’. I was asked to help find and photograph ‘flagged’ birds…

  • Finches at Draper (SE Qld) January 2020

    Had a great day with friends at “The Crossing”, a property near Draper last Sunday , of the 60+ species seen these two finches allowed the best-footage.

  • Albert’s Lyrebird at Lamington Jan 2020

    Ran into a couple of Albert’s Lyrebird near the O’Reilly’s Guest-house last week , filmed this one at the start of the Border Track, unfortunately the cicadas were also ‘singing’….. There were plenty of bowerbirds, this one had a bath near the main-reception. Also close to the reception a ‘tuckeroo’ tree provided fruits for the…

  • Channel-billed Cuckoo

    Channel-billed Cuckoo

  • Birding in a ‘Heatwave’

    Today was a ‘hot-shocker’, apparently over 40° Celsius after lunch, fortunately Tania (the ‘home-owner’) had realized the consequences and put plenty of ‘bird-baths’ out. At around one PM, I was surprised to hear a Spectacled Monarch calling nearby and observed a nice adult bird arriving to ‘quench’ his thirst. Soon more species arrived and I…

  • Recent visitor to backyard

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