Month: April 2020

  • The ‘beauty’ of birdsound

    Can’t believe how simple but how ‘melodic’ this bird-call is (..minutes after a ‘brat’ on a ‘trail-bike’ spoilt it all), Little Shrike-thrushes near Dayboro SE Qld

  • ‘Isolation-birding’

    Have been ‘self-isolation birding’ early-mornings (…and very-locally) but am ‘surprised‘ at the quality of the media that I’ve been able to capture before the ‘sound of civilisation‘ begins every week-day recently.

  • How many species?

    Recorded some ‘bird-audio’ today and captured a 30-second clip of a Leaden Flycatcher, however I can also hear at least 9 other species….can you name them all (…or hear any more?)