Month: March 2020

  • Happy Babblers!

    This grey-crowned babbler was ‘foraging’ with 5 friends, within a metre of the front door this morning, why do they always seem to be ‘enjoying’ life so much?

  • Check before mowing

    Saved a Tawny Grassbird family from ‘disaster’ today, the paddock was going to be ‘slashed’ to remove the rampant ‘cobblers-pegs’ weed (Bidens pilosa) ….that which he is ‘perched’ on!

  • Soon to be heading ‘north-bound’ waders

    Grey-tailed Tattler

    In early-March I received the opportunity to assist in a count of wading-birds at high-tide at Manly Marina in South-east Queensland. The birds will soon be heading northwards to their ‘breeding-grounds’ in Siberia and north-east Asia and many are starting to moult into their ‘breeding-plumage’. I was asked to help find and photograph ‘flagged’ birds […]